The Top 3 Accounting Softwares of the 2015 Tax Season For Small Businesses

Small businesses are structured in different ways so their accounting needs vary as well. Fortunately, a lot of good accounting software has appeared in 2015, and the following are the cream of the crop.

AccountEdge Pro

First up is AccountEdge Pro, which goes beyond just mere accounting. Unlike other accounting programs, AccountEdge Pro comes with outsourced payroll service or DIY, and it makes payment to employees easy via direct deposit among other options. You can also use the program to prepare payroll taxes and for tracking time, and retailers can also avail of its inventory management programs which can be integrated with e-commerce platforms.

AccountEdge Pro is available in Windows, Mac and mobile, and there’s a cloud version too.

account edge pro


FreeAgent provides you with a wide array of features such as expenses, invoices, as well as project management that allows you to keep track of hours billed. Due to its design, FreeAgent is ideal for small businesses, consultants and freelancers who need an easy to use but powerful accounting software.


Last but not the least is FreshBooks. This program has long been a mainstay among business owners, and the latest edition shows why this is the case. This cloud-based accounting software is stacked features wise, but it’s easy enough for even non accountants to learn how to use them.

FreshBooks offers a lot of benefits like the other two programs above, but this is especially useful for mobile accounting. Thanks to the unique FreshBooks approach, it’s suitable for Android and iOS devices.